About Us

About Us
Welcome to FireMagazines.com

Mission Statement: To provide a proactive venue to unite firefighters world-wide, whether volunteer or paid, and without regard to religion, race, gender, political persuasion or nationality.

You can learn most everything you want to learn about us by perusing this online magazine, or “Ezine”. Basically, we are a new “Fire Program” working under the RC&D, or specifically, the Texas Resource, Conservation and Development Associations. A non-profit, 501c3 organization that was once part of the USDA, but now a public non-profit group of associations around Texas. Texas RC&D is under the National RC&D, working for the last 50 years helping rural communities with most everything from agriculture, water issues, air and environment causes including wells, clean-ups, small businesses, park development, community efforts, VFDs and everything in between. They have 22 chapters in Texas and 375 chapters nationwide and this program is part of their rebuild and re-branding effort for their next 50 years as a public non-profit organization.

The RC&D Fire Program was created to focus on anything about firefighter, firefighting and fire related issues within these rural communities, small towns and bigger cities. The initial proposed project of this Fire Program is the development and growth of these online magazines, or Ezines for fire related information. Most of our Ezines will focus on firefighters, firefighting, fire departments and fire services. We will specifically try and focus on volunteer and junior firefighter programs with recruitment, retention, recognition and so much more as a goal and purpose. We would like to become involved in so much more, like a firefighter Memorial, relief organization, equipment and training assistance, seminars and whatever else we could do to benefit firefighters and firefighting. We are setting up the FirefightingFund.com and FirefighterCharity.com to accomplish much more. Any support will be used for this promotion and information campaign and the admin of the RC&D, but anything above that minimal part will be utilized directly for the firefighters.

We believe that our unique collection of special online magazines, Facebook pages, and other social media outlets will allow this program to succeed with a firefighter campaign that will benefit everyone involved. Please continue to read our Ezine and it’s other publications to learn for yourself what we have put together, and this is only the beginning of the new RC&D.

We hope to provide authors, readers and visitors with articles and information that will help them in their journeys and search for knowledge, entertainment, safety and continued development of becoming more informed and satisfied in their work and play.