Firefighter Unity

Do we still have unity, a "Brotherhood" a family? What has happened to us, is it good or bad? Career/paid vs Volunteers, and then we have men, women, white, black, Hispanic, Asian, wildlands, structure, Union, non-union and the list goes on.....

This will be one of the goals of Firefighter Fellowship, unity. It seems that we have lost some of our past camaraderie and fellowship. If it’s not paid verses volunteer, or men verses women, is troops verses staff, and at any level, we shouldn’have a problem with each other, we’re a family, a “Brotherhood”.

Now, we don’t need to go back to some of the old complaints about the “good ole boy” program, or being about “who you know” to get on or get along within a department. It shouldn’t be about who has been around the longest or who is the most popular, or “you’re not from around here”. Instead, we should work toward a unity with anyone willing to train and have our back when those tones go off.

Sometimes, we might even need the help of civilians, untrained personnel, and in some emergency or catastrophic situations that help should be welcome. And yes, not all firefighters have received the same training, not all have the same experience, not all have the same temperament, attitude and abilities, but we are all fire fighters, we all have stepped up to serve, together, for our communities and each other.

This site, these online magazines, these websites, these social media platforms and everything we do will try and help that fellowship, bring back the family “Brotherhood” of like minded people with similar interest, goals and work.

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