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1 week beginner’s workout routine

If you clicked on this article, then good. I commend the courage you showed to at least even consider that maybe you might want to know what exactly might in store for possible future exercise routine.

No, this article is not going to sound like a over the top excited fitness enthusiast who has this energetic smile plastered on the face masking the agony the feel of burning muscles and effort while exercising. Well, it’ll be easy for them since they’ve doing it for long time. But, sometimes, that enthusiasm is just not real.

So, I’m going to give it you straight: It’s not going to be easy. It’ll be super hard and intimidating. Maybe, you’ll also close this article and be like “Yep, nope, ain’t for me” or “This is just so haaard”.  Well, you know what, it is for you and it will be hard, but you gotta start somewhere. You’re going to have to act on that resolution at some point. Putting it off is not going it make it less easier. So why not start today?

I’m not going go into details of the benefits or working out, you have other million articles on that. But what I want to say is that you’ll feel good, trust me. Your muscles will be sore, it will hurt, but once you start working out regularly, you’ll get used to it, which will make you stronger. Hey, speaking from experience here. So, if you still made it this far, then go little farther and find a good, effective, 1week workout routine for all you beginners.

Important notes:

  • I’m not a fitness expert. Al this is from personal experience
  • Do not ever push yourself beyond what you can actually do. Always take baby steps. Never feel ashamed that you’re going slow, because slow and steady is best and in this way, you’ll also avoid unnecessary injuries
  • Drink plenty of water before starting the workout, you’ll feel more energized and will also help with your metabolism
  • Do not set superficial goals. No one in this world has ever gotten a chiseled body in only 1 week. So, set goals based on what you’re able to do, how much you’ll be able to give yourself, and how much you realistically think you’ll be able to achieve

Warm up

It’s always important to start with a warm up routine. It’ warm up and loosen your muscles. Also it’ll give enough flexibilty so that while working out, you won’t have stiff muscles.

warm up

Day 1

cardio workout


Day 2

cardio workout


 Day 3

abs workout


butt and thigh workout

Day 5

cardio workout


Cool down

cooldown and stretch

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