10 best wine and cheese pairings

It’s one adored pairing, wine and cheese, no? The elegance of wine and sinfulness of cheese. You can’t deny the pairing’s charm.

They both age with such grace. Just like:

The history of cheese and wine

It is believed that for centuries, cheese and wine were grown at the same time and most of the times in the same farm of small villages. Since both cheese and wine were mostly grown in close proximity, and due to the many regional wine and cheese recipes, the two were paired on several occasions.

The science behind the pairing

A research done by a group of food scientists in 2012 for the National Institutes of Health explained the concept of ‘mouthfeel’. A concept that helps understand how people interpret food pairings. Mouthfeel is a way how food feels in the mouth.

The scientists believe that foods that sit on opposite ends of the spectrum of taste, pair very well as they give a pleasant taste sensation. This sensation triggers an approval of good match in the mind.

Best wine and cheese pairings

  • Riesling and Ricotta
  • Malbec and aged cheddar
  • Sauternes and fondue
  • Port and bleu cheese
  • Cabernet Sauvignon and aged gouda
  • Malbec and aged cheddar
  • Pinot noir and brie
  • Beaujolais and feta
  • Monterey jack and merlot
  •  Rioja and manchego
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