10 methi dishes to make you go from Hmmm? to mmmmmm!

P.S: I’m not a health freak whose going to make healthy food sound better. I’m just someone who likes methi.

Yes, methi is a healthy green vegetable that makes you feel like you achieved something epic by eating a dish made of it. Cuz you know, being healthy is so difficult (or is it?) But here’s where we put a full stop to the not so good rep it keeps getting. This vegetable that’s packed with iron and vitamins, that helps maintain cholesterol, reduces inflammation, and helps solve digestive problems need not necessarily be prepared in boring healthy ways. Just give it a chance by incorporating this leafy amazedness in recipes you usually enjoy. You can stay healthier(if you’re about that life) and you may just find more dishes to add to your list and relieve yourselves of the monotonous dishes that you keep cooking every now and then.(Don’t get me wrong. Dal Chawal all the way!) But here are 10 Methi recipes that are definitely going to treat your taste buds with flavourful, delicious and healthy goodness.

1. Methi Kofta curry

2. Methi Aloo

3. Methi Pakodas

4. Methi Chicken

5. Methi Chaman

6. Methi ka Chila with cheese

7. Methi Paratha

8. Methi Dal

9. Methi puris

10. (This recipe includes spinach but you can replace it with Methi or why not? Add both of them)



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