10 Podcasts For Poetry Lovers

Poetry, one of the most beautiful and dreamy way of expressing words. Isn’t it very Rabindranath/Shaksphere – esque?  Well, one who could read poems for hours together would know.  To read sentences made of few words, to read a poem with an endless number of stanzas is what draws the interest of poetry lovers. Are one of them? Well, here’s a poemlicious treat. For Poetry Lovers, below are 10 podcasts you should lend your ears to if poem is your jam.

  • Poetry Magazine Podcast

  • Poem Off the Shelf

  • The Poetry Gods Project

  • The Poetry Break

  • Poem Talk

  • New Books in Poetry

  • KUSP’s Poetry Show

  • The New Yorker: Poetry

  • Poem of the Day

  • Talk About Poetry

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