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10 reasons why Navi Mumbai is better than Mumbai

10 reasons why Navi Mumbai is better than Mumbai


The environment here is full of lush greenery and trees, water at most places which make it a sight to remember for everyone who visits it unlike Mumbai which has less of these. Therefore, the environment is a significant factor as to why navi Mumbai is better.

2. People

Though both cities might have people with different qualities, Navi Mumbaikers tend to be a little more down to earth, grounded and not so snobbish than Mumbaikers are perceived to be due to various reasons.

3. Location

Navi Mumbai is situated at a better location with more space than Bombay and hence is an advantage.

4. Space

Navi Mumbai evidently has much more space than Mumbai and there is a place for new structures, projects to come up as also space for the environment to grow, unlike Mumbai which is more crowded.

5. Less pollution

Navi Mumbai, not being a home to as many factories or industries, is considerably less polluted than Mumbai. This population is harmful to the citizens itself and therefore less pollution works for the city and is an advantage

6. Planned City

Navi Mumbai is much more planned than Mumbai, being a satellite city that is now home to some really good projects and more upcoming ones.

7. Clean City

Though not fully clean, Navi Mumbai definitely happens to be cleaner than Mumbai in many ways. The roads, streets, footpaths tend to be more cleaner than the ones in Mumbai and hence better to live in.

8. Travelling

Living in a city like this has its own perks that include not having to travel long distances, so it’s a boon for the people living in this city. Also, railway stations are well managed by CIDCO in Navi Mumbai which gives far better experience in Navi Mumbai as compared to Mumbai.

9. No celebrities residing

Can you imagine how it would be if a celebrity or well-known personality resided at the place near you and people would crowd to have just a glimpse of him at random times? Exactly. That’s why Navi Mumbai is better than Bollywood filled Mumbai.

10. No rallies

We all know how depressing it can be to be stuck in traffic for hours just because some minister wants to talk about making fake promises for an hour with hundreds of people watching him. Thank god Navi Mumbai doesn’t have any. We are saved.

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