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10 Things to do in 2018 to Make Your Relationship Better

Come New Year and we all make resolutions of all kinds, be it regarding health, money, career, improving relationships, finally coming around and saying yes to a date etc.  But one of the most neglected but most important resolutions that we need to make is to work on our relationships.  It can be the relation with our parents, spouse, children, friends, colleagues, anyone!

So, why wait before its too late to mend the relations?  Let’s work our way towards improving our taken for granted relations.

    1. Reach out: Often ego stops us from reaching out to the person with whom we want to better our relation.  We wait for the other person to make the first move.  Why not we make the first move and take a step to better our relation?
    2. Talk: Most of the misunderstandings are because of lack of communication.  There is nothing that communication cannot resolve.  So, one fine day just talks it out and mend the broken relations.
    3. Forgive: Well, it’s often not as easy as it seems to but forgiving a person takes off a lot of burden of the heart.  It also helps to let go off the grudges and start the relation with the person afresh.
    4. Appreciate: Often we take our relations for granted and don’t appreciate what the other person is doing for us.  Everybody likes to be appreciated.  So, be generous and genuinely appreciate people.
    5. Laugh: Yes, we fight very easily with our loved ones but often we forget to laugh with them.  So, let 2018 be a year when you fight less and laugh more with your near and dear ones.
    6. Surprise with gifts: Don’t we all like getting gifts?  Gift your loved ones without any reason too!  It need not be an expensive stuff, but your gesture will matter a lot to them.  They will feel loved and wanted.

  1. Go for outings/vacations: Monotonous life often causes problems in the relations.  People get stressed out following the same routine daily and that stress causes rifts.  Go for vacations, relax and rejuvenate and come back with a better relation.
  2. Concentrate on people more and less on social media: It’s an unfortunate fact that people are more glued to technology these days.  Everyone is engrossed in social media, games, or chatting.  Just keep aside your phone and talk with your people.  The real world is any day better than the virtual world, what say!
  3. Stop being judgmental: Often we start judging people without knowing their actual story. Let’s be more compassionate and considerate.  This will help us improvise relations.
  4. Be thankful: Yes, let’s be thankful for the wonderful relations that we have in our lives and appreciate them and value their worth.

Guest Writer: Ritwika Mutsuddi

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