10 underrated Rom Coms you should totally watch

For many of us, rom-com’s are one of our many guilty pleasures. But you can’t deny that warm, fuzzy feeling you get every time you watch those cheesy, mushy, love scenes.

Rom-com movies really have the knack to make you forget about love in reality and makes you crave for that perfect guy or girl, the likes of which are very hard to find.

Some of us may have grown up to watch several rom-com’s in which we see the portrayal of the so-called imperfect characters by actors and actresses of the typical good looks. However, in today’s time, the genre has taken on a somewhat realistic approach to storylines in terms of looks, race, and the actuality of lifestyles.

Well, no matter what changes the genre adapts to, one thing will always remain constant: The emanation of feel-good vibes.

So, if you’re in a mood for a cheesy flick, having a slumber party, or are just in a mood for something romantic, here are 10 underrated romcoms you totally need to watch.

1. Man up

It’s story about a 30 something woman who is trying to find love and is mistaken for a blind date a by soon-to-be-divorced man.

2. Big Eden

Here’s a pleasant movie about a successful artist from New York who is openly gay who moves to Montana to take care of sick grandfather. What follows next is the story about his feelings for high school friend and the town’s general store owner’s feeling for the artist.

3. Just Wright

Where most romcom movies’ cast is predominantly white, this movie is a rare find where the two leading roles are played by two black actors. This feels good movie is a story about a physiotherapist falls for a professional basketball player.

4. The DUFF

If you want to watch a somewhat realistic romcom movie where you can relate to the protagonist, then this movie is perfect for you. Plus, Robbie Amell.

5.  Stuck in Love

A divorced couple, a high school romance, and young romance.This movie focuses on the various complications of different kinds of relationships.

Here are 5 other movies: Fools rush in, Imagine me & you, Just like heaven, Something new, GBF

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