10 Winter/ Christmas must watch movies

In this world, many kinds of humans coexist. One such type of humans are those who despite being aware of the jollifications and merrymaking during festivals, just cannot be bothered to focus their energy to chime in be chipper. All they want to do is be home, sit by the fire, enjoy a cup of hot beverage/cold glass of something cold, and cozy up with either a good book or a good movie. Being among happy people, being part of a carousal, is just only the cue for their social anxiety to get worked up, not the cue for them to be jolly. So of course, this Christmas, like all other Christmas, has brought about the same jolly spirits, the celebrations, and a whole lot of excitement and happiness in people. And we chill people ( yes, I’m the ‘chill’/ ‘no plans’/ ‘can’t handle too much perky type) want to channel that good ole Christmas spirit in a calm manner. Let’s put on our pajamas, whip up ourselves a good beverage, have some delicious food by our side, cozy up and choose from the 20 of the best winter/ Christmas movies to watch and um, maybe fall asleep to.

1.   A Christmas Carol (2009)










2.  The miracle on 34t Street(1947)














3. Dr. Suess’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas











4. The Nightmare Before Christmas
















5. Polar Express














6. Home Alone












7. Elf











8. The holiday












9. A Charlie Brown Christmas











10. Love Actually

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