11 best kids shows

Kids shows played a pivotal, vital, important (any other synonyms of important) in everyone’s childhood. The sheer excitement every time we turned on the television to catch up with the latest episode of our favorite cartoons or kids shows, is priceless. Who else sang along to the theme songs, related to the characters, tried to mimic them, and had serious discussions with your friends on them? I can swear on all the cartoons that I’m about to mention that you now grown-ups still find ways to rewatch them. I know I do it.  Those were the times, weren’t they? Just worrying about turning on the television just in time so as to miss even a glimpse of the show.  Guys, it is up to us to pass on one of this cherished goodness of our childhood to the kids of today cuz boyyyyy are today’s cartoons…. I’d rather not say. Below are 11 cartoons and kids shows that every kid should watch to make their childhood filled with more imagination, wonder, and laughs.

1. Sesame Street

2. Arthur

3. The magic school bus

4. My little pony

5. SpongeBob SquarePants

6. Animaniacs

7. Barney and friends

8. Rugrats

9. Dragon Tales

10. The looney toons

11. Tom n Jerry

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