12 random hacks to make your life a little easy

Hack. At the mention of this word, many of us(some of us still do) associate it with synonyms such as cut, break, chop, etc. But over the years, this word has been given a completely different meaning. The other meaning of hack is a that it is a means by which you can make daily tasks or other tasks easier.

Now, I don’t know why is it called a hack but I think that maybe it’s called a hack maybe because it hacks the long and hard way of doing a task to smaller and easier way to do a task? HUH?

IDK, but here are 12 random hacks(like real random) that’s gonna make you go “Hack yes!” or maybe you know just make your life a incy wincy bit easier.

So, the next time, you gotta do something that can be done with the help of simple hacks, imagine this conversation going on in your head

You: Mahn,if I could only eat this strawberry without this leaf thing

Conventional way: You could just cut it with a knife. FYI, it’s a called a stem

You: But then I gotta wash it. NO

Conventional way: Sorry dude, it’s either my way….

Hack: Or the hackway!

Conventional way & you in unison: What in the world?

Hack: Just use a straw to push away the leaf thing or the stem

You: Cool! I can try that

Conventional way: No no no This isnt ri..(Voice drowned out due to ignorance)

You: Holy damn! It worked! Now I can throw the straw and don’t have to wash anything and can enjoy strawberries without the leaf thing. Thanks hack! You slay bro!

Hack: Actually it’s a.. Nevermind. Thanks dude. I know I slay!


Just take a look at these Hacks and try them out

Q1. Bug bugging during camping?

A1. Add some sage to the camping fire to ward off those bugging bugs

Q2. Want your chips to be extra flavoury?

A2. Open the bag of chips from the bottom since the flavours are stuck at the bottom.

Q3. Got a big booboo and want a icepack but dont want the icepack to drip?

A3. Soak a bath sponge and freeze it. It Makes for a good icepack because it drip when it melts.

Q4. Want to stress eat the right way?

A4. Go ham on pastas, almonds, grapes, green tea, oatmeal, chocolate, watermelon, orange juice, cornflakes and tuna. (But don’t eat the ham)

Q5. The temperature heating you up?

A5. Run your wrist under some cold water for five minutes. That’ll cool your blood down. That’ll show temperature

Q6. Stuffy nose?

A6. Leave slice of onion by bedside and let it sit there overnight. You’ll wake up breathing oxygen like you promise you’ll never take it for granted. (but mercy on the nose of people who’ll walk in to your bedroom)

Q7. Want Mary Jane to kick in a little extra?

A7. Eat mangoes. That’ll heighten the effects

Q8. Just wanna see something cool?

A8. When you blow out candles and they smoke, that smoke is still wax. Light up that smoke quick enough, and that wic will flamed back up. You’re welcome

Q9. Phone froze? Give it a Jhatka

A9. Plug your frozen phone in to a charger and free it of its frozen misery

Q10. Feeling itchy or have a pesky itch bite and no repellent?

A10. Spray some deodorant on itchy spot and stop being twitchy


Q11. (This one’s for the fridge) Find yourself keep staring at beautiful thang mostly because of boredome?

A11. Drink a huge glass of water(if you don’t have huge glass then two medium glasses will do). You’ll be too full to want eat anything. No more boredome eating and no more toxins

Q12. Wanna work with concentration and music at the same time?

A12. Choose movie/game tracks as they’re designed in a way that wont mess with concentration. Finally, Music and concentration can be friends!







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