15 Suprising stocking stuffers / last minute gifting ideas

15 stocking stuffers/ last minute gifting ideas

Merry Christmas!!

1.A pop socket for smartphones because that trend is so in

2.Handmade soap for those who love everything organic

3.DIY cookies to go an extra mile for that special loved one(And a sneaky brush-up session on your baking skills)

4.This savage fridge magnet for savage ass friend

5.Nyx soft matte lip cream/ butter gloss for that makeup junkie friend of your’s

6.Multi-use memory card reader because technology is reigning

7. Chapstick because it’s winter

8. A pack of potpourri because a beautiful bowl of fragrance lingering about in the house is so thoughtful

9. A pack of rolling paper for those who love to roll

10. Knitting needles because it’s sweater weather

11. Wooden comb for those who struggle with hair issues

12. A little vial of essential oil for a relaxing aromatherapy session

13. A sweet-smelling and nourishing hand cream for those overworked hands

14. A cool whiskey shaped bottle opener

15. If your brain ceases to work, there’s always chocolate


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