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25 Crore Fund Allocated for Redevelopment of ITI

Rs. 25 crore funds have been allocated for the redevelopment of Industrial Training Institute (ITI) after receiving technical clearance.

Redevelopment of Industrial Training Institute (ITI) has been finally approved by the Maharashtra State Director of Business Education and Training Directorate, Anil Jadhav. Jadhav gave his nod on the technical clearance on Rs 25 crore redevelopment of Panvel Industrial Training Institute.

The technical clearance was received in a meeting with the Conflict Committee on October 12. The meeting also observed the constitution of Joint Committee of ITI redevelopment.

Among the attendees were Tahsildar Deepak Nos, Principal B. B. Plots, Executive Engineer, Public Works Department, R. S. More, Vice-Principal M. B. Pillay, M. B. Shinde, S.K. J. Patil, Divisional Engineer, Department of Construction S. Dangse, President Kantilal Kadu, Vice President Vijay Kale, Madhuri Gosavi and Parag Balad, Ujjwal Patil, Adv. Kiran Gharat, Bharti Jalgaonkar, Kiran Talekar, Mangal Bharwad, Chandrakant Shirke, Ramesh Fulore, Anand Patil, Shailesh Chaudhary, Amit Chawale, Manohar Desai, Suhas Anbolkar and Shailesh Patel.

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