280 Trees To Be Cut To Develop Green Space In Vashi

The residents of Vashi have gotten really upset with the civic body’s proposal to cut down trees to develop a green space in the suburban town. In a Friday advertisement, the NMMC were looking for any kinds of suggestion and objection on the cutting of trees. Majority of this unsupported activity is going to happen in Vashi’ sector10(A).

Are trees cutting really a solution?

The civic body is planning to cut as many as 264 trees to develop a green space under Amrut Scheme near Swaminarayan temple.

A Vashi resident said “I was amazed by the administration’s rationale over chopping so many trees to develop greenery. Residents have been asked to give their suggestions or objections in a week’s time”

The resident wrote a letter addressing the civic authorities. He suggested if they could consider transplanting the trees. He said “No thought has been given over transplanting of trees that are to be cut when there are so many barren plots available”

NMMC has planned to develop a green space under the Amrut Scheme in plot no.45, sector 10 A, Vashi. The project that’ll cost Rs. 2 crores, will have a plantation fruit-bearing trees and shrubs. It will also have walkways and a lawn. The officials wish to proceed with the cutting of the trees without any hurdles. They also are assuring that the tree cutting won’t cause any harm to the nature of the city.

DMC (garden) Tushar Pawar said “The tree variety proposed to be cut is known as ‘Subabul’. These are essentially wild trees which serve no purpose. Instead, we intend to plant fruit and flower-bearing trees. Almost 8,400 trees are to be planted. In fact, a review of the area is scheduled to be done again and in most likeliness the number of trees to be cut could be reduced based on the need of the project”.

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