3 easy ways to tame dry hair this summer

Summer can harsh on your hair. For people with dry and frizzy hair…. It’s just dreary.

It’s a constant dilemma, like, you want your hair to be non-dry, smooth and soft but not greasy. Anybody with me on that?

Yes, there are days when the dryness just loves to do bungee jumping on our last nerves, but do we wish we had oily hair? Hell no, at least I don’t. It’s taxing enough to weather through the cons of having hair that loves taking inspo from the Sahara Desert.

So, what do we do to establish the ‘perfect non-dry, smooth and soft but not greasy™’ hair? Read away homo sapiens with tress in distress.

  1. Cover your hair with a plastic bag/shower cap after a deep oil massage

Covering your hair with a plastic or a shower cap for 2-3 hours after a deep oil massage is a true savior. Take it from this fellow dry haired gal, it has made my hair a lot softer. Make any oil concoction you desire, or just take some plain carrier oil, massage it thoroughly starting from the scalp to tips of your hair, put it in a bun and cover it up a plastic bag/shower cap. This method is helpful because the shower cap/plastic bag generates heat which helps the oil seep into the hair and penetrate into your scalp better.

  1. A little oil therapy to ends of damp hair

I do this immediately after I wash my hair. I know some of you are going “WTF, more oil? And that too after washing your hair?” But again, trust me cuz I tried it, and it works. When you’re toweling your hair, only towel dry the scalp and leave the ends of your damp. Keyword guys, damp not dripping wet. Start with only a few drops of any oil and work through the ends of your hair. I recommend oil cuz they’re organic and healthier. If you want to this method with serum, you can totally do that too.

Disclaimer: The oil won’t completely set in right away. It takes at least a whole day. So, if you wanna give this method a go, try it during the night.

  1. Glycerin is a god sent

For some reason, glycerin is one of the best skin and hair care product that’s very very very underrated. I’ve gone through so many bottles of glycerin cuz I use it that religiously. It is amazing how it softens your hair. Just take a pea size amount and work through your hair and scalp and bob’s your uncle. Here’s another trick, add a few drops of essential oil, and your hair will not only be nourished but will also smell good. Fun fact: I once went a little ham on the vanilla essential oil and my hair smelled like a thousand Pillsburys were making a thousand cakes in my hair.



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