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3 weird brow trends

Brow Game is ON!

Over the course of many years, the beauty industry has seen many trends making its way into the daily beauty routines of many. Where once thin brows were what every girl was fond of, bushy, unkempt and natural is all the rage now. There endless number of tricks, products, ts, and tips on how you can make your brows look more fuller and natural. Gone are the days of over-tweezing because now every last bit of effort is going into making your brows the star brows. Yes, it’s true. It’s also a very widely followed makeup routine where if you don’t feel like going through all the steps of makeup, just throw in some concealer and groom those natural looking brows with an army of brow products. So, you can see the evident change, rather a drastic one in the brow trend. Or so did we believe.

Below are some brow trends that has taken brow styling to whole new level. Some may say it’s crazy, but there are some who perceive it to be creative and just way of having fun with your brows or makeup routine. It’s definitely not something people will do on regular basis, unless of course, if there are people who are willing incorporate these brow trends in their daily makeup routine, but they do make for great Instagram worthy pictures or any sort of editorial-esque

1. Squiggly brows

They actually look like caterpillars. If you want to create this look, all you need is a brow pencil and some concealer. with the brow pencil, trace out the squiggly lines, and then clean the edges with some concealer.

2. Fishtail brows

We’ve only ever heard of fishtail hairstyle, but have you ever heard of fishtail brows. Nope, it looks nothing like the hairstyle, but the way the end of the brows is styled, it does somewhat look like a fish’s tail.

3.  Glitter brows

Glitter is such an essential part of any makeup routine, so why should the brows not get in on some glitter action?

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