4 Clothing Items You Girls Should Pick From The Men’s Section

Pick'em up if comfy, roomy and purpose of clothing is what you want

Unfortunately, millennial fashion for women has come to this:

An off the shoulder sweater with rips on the back that is supposed to cover….. what?


When the slogans are way overdone

And this piece of cloth that maybe even god doesn’t know what is doing in the name of hoodie


It is times like these that we girls, who are just looking to buy simple clothes that cover us and has no stupid/unnecessary slogans, turn to the men’s section. Just standing in front of the perfect hoodie sweatshirt hanging on a hanger in the men’s section while crying silent tears as to why this comfy goodness that actually provide warmth is no longer available in women’s section. And if it is, why daf** is it so expensive. When did comfortable, good, simple clothing become expensive. How does it makes sense that a piece of clothing serves its job cost more than a skimpy piece of clothing that serves no purpouse at all?



Well, good for us it is not the end of the existence of clothes that we seek. Like mentioned before, men’s section is where you would want to turn to if you want clothes that are actually stay true to their name and also to enjoy two more things, comfort and extra roominess. Here are four piece of clothing from the men’s section that you can pick instead of the women’s section

  1. Hoodie for when all you’re looking for is a hoodie that covers your entire upper body


As opposed to this:


  1. Tshirt for when do you just want to express your casual look without any slogans, phrases(unless they’re relevant to you), or worse yet, annoying millennial touches



As opposed to this:


  1. Shirts for when wearing the shirts is the point


As opposed to… this


  1. Okay, this one can still be found in the woman’s section, but I’m talking about boyfriend jeans. Kindly let me know if ever your boyfriend has ever worn jean like these:


I mean if this is the version of boyfriend jeans that are being sold as opposed to the true kind of jeans worn by actual boyfriends(or boys in general) you know that was the true inspiration, then this is what I deem to a total degrade, not upgrade. Total disrespect to the source of inspiration in the name of


Tip: If you do desire to venture into the men’s section and pick up some clothes, then give it to a tailor you know you can rely on and get it altered to your liking. However, if you don’t the baggy look, then go ahead and rock that baggy look.

Disclaimer: This solely written from a single point of view. In no way is this article meant to diss or disrespect. If you’re that girl who loves ripped jeans and distressed t-shirts, and all in all enjoys clothes from women’s section, they do you girl, do you. It’s all about confidence and owning it, right?



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