4 Dumb advises people give you.

4 dumb advices people give you.

Okay, buckle up, we are going to burn some bridges today. The world is filled with people who don’t amount to much but are willing to share the recipe for success. You’ve seen them all around you, Facebook, Instagram, your best friends or even your family. Although they mean well, and they might generally have the best interest at heart. The advice they give you is not always the best. Not that it’s any fault of their own. They have been fed these misleading quotes and pieces of what they consider ‘knowledge’ ever since they were little and have grown to know them as facts. Which really does more harm than good. Fair warning guys, we are about the tear down all those quotes you have proudly been sharing. If you are easily offended, so what? The world doesn’t care and neither do we.


This is the worst advice you can give to someone! What the hell does it even mean? You shouldn’t be yourself, you should always try to become the best possible version of yourself! This is totally different from be yourself. Before anything else, you need to find yourself and this takes time and a ton of efforts. You need to become aware of what makes you, You. What makes you happy and what doesn’t. What are your goals, what is your passion and what is your current reality and what do you want your future reality to be like? Just saying be yourself assumes that one is enough just as they are and the world should accept your reality and reward you for it. Once you find who you are and what you want to be, be that.


If this was so, the world would be run by coal miners or Indian field farmers. Hard work is important but sorry to say, it’s not enough! To be successful, you need to master a verity of skills. A certain level of education in your field. Don’t just rely on school or college education but educate yourself to know more than what you know. You need to have strong social skills. You need to have an edge or a strong competitive advantage. A strong but an achievable goal. Good managerial skill and the ability to adapt to ever changing situations. Once you have all that, then hard work comes into play. Blindly following the mantra of hard work will get you everything to help you move forward but it gives you no direction. Most of the time being smart will yield better results than anything in the long run.


Really, what doesn’t kill you may leave you paralyzed or barely alive. Not only could it ruin your life, but effect the lives around you. By this, people mean failure shouldn’t stop you from trying again. But please remember that your desires may be unlimited. Your finances, the years you have in your life, the physical body and the stress levels you can endure are limited. You only get a couple of shots in your life so again, you might want to be smart about it. Why put yourself in a position (metaphorically) that will kill you, when you can do better?


What a load of bullshit. People who say this have it completely backwards. Things just don’t happen. Things happen because you or an external force makes them happen. Life is chaos. Man-made rules, myths, religions or structures but this is not what people want to hear. People don’t care about you as an individual unless you make them care. The world can go just fine without you. Even the mightiest individuals in the world could have been replaced and the world would spin just fine. Everybody in a movie/life thinks they are the lead but they are just the extras. If you are tired of being the extras, start writing your own story and make sure it’s a good one!

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