4 holy grail products for dry hair

Hay, the bristles of a broom, dead roots of dead plants, wilted thorns. These some of the things all of us with dry of hair can relate to.  And the days when we’re faced with harsh weather, well we just become the crowned heads of Frizzland.  It is not only this monumental struggle to figure out a way to disentangle ourselves from this impending doom brought by the unruly mess of a mane, but also are we left to zero in on that one glorious product that’ll give us a much needed respite from this frizzy version Medusa… Frizzusa.

Not one, but here, you are going to find 5 holy grail products to save us from this dry, unruly and frizzy misery

1. Coconut oil

this god sent versatility!! Literally the solution for anything. Anyone can attest to the holy results of coconut oil. In fact, people from generations and generation have been doing so.  Warm a little bowl of coconut oil and give your hair and scalp a good massage. Right from the roots to the tips! Leave it for an hour or overnight. For best results, wrap your massaged hair in a shower cap or clear plastic bag. Follow this 2 times a week. Soft hair for the win!! You also take a pea size amount of coconut oil and run through your damp hair once you finish washing it. Damp hair will absorb the oil and give your really soft hair. It does take a day or 2 set in, but the wait is totally worth it.

2. Vitamin e oil

Another arsenal that works miracles on both skin and hair. Vitamin e is a very cherished ingredient in many beauty products and it has many benefits. Vitamin e oil naturally very thick, so, just a few drops of it in any carrier oil will assure your lustrous strands.

3. Glycerine

I’m not sure if you may know this, but glycerine is I want to call the unsung hero of the lot. Glycerine is yet another wonderous ingredient found in many beauty products. Scientifically speaking, it’s a simple polyol compound. Humanly speaking, it’s awesome. Replace this with your regular serum and use at least 2- 3 times a week to dry hair. It works so well that you really won’t mind skipping on a conditioner. Just take 3-4 dime sizes an run it through your hair and even give your scalp a gentle massage and you’re o your way to Perfect hair land.

4. Petroleum jelly

I know I know it sounds weird, but trust me just give it a try. This holy grail product that has been around for ages has always only been advertised for skin conditions like chapped lips, cracked heels, and eczema. But, in a desperate attempt, I took a pea size amount and ran through my hair. I was tentative, ready brace myself for the forthcoming “what the hell”, but whoa. It really made my hair soft. I focused mainly on the ends of my hair and I really liked the result. Don’t go overboard though, because that’ll just take your hair from being frizzusa to greasusa, and you do not want that

So, go ahead, give them a try and go from this

frizzy hair

To this:

long hair


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