4 Unusual Places You Must Visit with Kids

4 Unusual Places You Must Visit with Kids

Bored of taking your kids to the same park every day? Do you want to make them explore more than just playing with those old games? If yes, then I have the perfect list for you to take your kids next weekend. Try these fantastic places in Navi Mumbai to go with your kids, that teach them a lot more about life.

Navi Mumbai is a much better option to visit if you do not want to get stuck in the typical weekend traffic. You know? Ugh, it just kills your time and energy. Out from the city’s fussy side, Navi Mumbai has come up with plentiful nooks & niches, that are sure to entertain your children more than any other entertainment park. Here’s a list of whereabouts that I’m sure will get above your wander lists this weekend. Check out!

The Butterfly Hunt

The place called Ovalekar Wadi Butterfly Garden was created by Mr. Rajendra Ovalekar along with his brother on a 2-acre plot that has now grown to become a home to 200 types of flowering and fruit-bearing plants that attract insects and butterflies!

Butterflies all around, this beautiful garden in Navi Mumbai has 130 species of butterflies in its bosom. Be it 8 AM in the morning or any sunny part of the day, you and your children can adore the loveliness of colors everywhere at this garden.

Show How Money is Made:

Interested in knowing the tales of India’s history of dynasties, rulers and princely states through the language of their currencies? The RBI Monetary Museum is the right place for you. This is a place where you can actually see, how defunct money notes recycled into other material! Interesting, right? What more, you can also let your child select a commemorative coin from the store!

Flamingo Watch!

Watch the pink beauties near the lake side in front of your eyes! This complete natural habitat view can be done at Sewri which holds a Flamingo Festival. Enjoy the beauty of the flocks in silence with your kids as they witness nature like never.

Explore the world of books!

Remember how fond you were of books in your childhood? The smell of the pages, the hours of reading- a book takes you to another world of imagination and thinking. Today, stores in Navi Mumbai like the Bargain Bookhunt, Wayword & Wise and many such amazing book-stores can give your child their best friends!

So, the next time you’re planning a productive weekend getaway, don’t forget to check out these ultra-cool places.

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