4 ways plastic ban in Maharashtra will affect people and business in Mumbai

Plastic for long has been one of the major reasons for the pollution, and environmental issues. In recent times, we have finally seen many big companies and governments ban plastic and have taken to a better alternative of plastic. For e.g, Mc Donald, the UK has finally banned the used of plastic straws and will be bringing in paper straws.

The Maharashtra government also has strict measures to ban plastic. If you notice, you can notice this implementation being followed by many shops and markets as they’ve begun to give cloth made carry bags.

While it’s a huge benefit for the environment, many people have come forward and said this move has had a negative impact on them. However, fortunately, or unfortunately, Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, through a relief, announced that the complete ban on plastic bottles with a capacity lower than 0.5 liters will be reversed. The relief stated that this will be brought under a depository scheme.

On Monday, the government made a provision of Rs. 10 crores for creating public awareness about the advantages of the plastic ban initiative. The report does mention that there will be consequences though and that they need to be addressed.

Here are 5 ways how plastic ban will affect people and business in Mumbai:

    1. Over 3,00,000 people are likely to run out of jobs.
    2. Due to plastic ban, the entire schedule of the process of production, packaging, and supply has been derailed. Many units are on the verge of shutting down due to delay in material supply.

  1. A request has been sent to Devendra Fadnavis to treat food grain and all food items (vegetables, fruits, grains) at par with milk. The repository (50 paisa per bag) scheme should be extended on them, the body said. Gandhi, however, cautioned that failure to act immediately will cause untold misery to all This may not yield commensurate gains to the environment as envisioned by the plastic ban notification, Gandhi said.
  2. According to Clothing Manufacturers Association of India chairman Rajesh Masand, due to the non-availability of transparent plastic bags for packing in Mumbai, over 6,80,000 readymade garments pieces for exports are stuck.
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