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5 benefits of Garlic you wish you had known earlier

Don't put away this herb. It can save your life.

Garlic – a herb, either loved for the amazing flavor and fragrance it adds to food, or hated for its pungent smell. But this simple ingredient found at a corner in your kitchen holds the center-stage when it comes to medicinal values. You will never avoid this herb if you read the below 5 benefits of garlic:

Fights / Prevents Cancer
Garlic is a natural element which helps in reducing the risk of stomach, intestine and esophageal cancer. It also reduces the chances tumors linked with breast cancer.

Helps Controls Diabetes
Garlic is proved to help a diabetic patient from harm to kidneys, regulates the nervous system, protects the heart and eyesight.

Lowers Cholesterol Levels
Garlic is loaded with allicin compound which prevents LDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) from oxidizing. It is advisable that people with high cholesterol levels include garlic in their everyday diet.

Treats Intestinal Problems
Garlic destroys harmful bacteria present in the intestines and helps absorb nutrient better. It helps clear intestinal problems, like diarrhea, dysentery and colitis.

Prevents Acne
Garlic, when blended with honey, turmeric, and cream can treat and prevent acne scars. It is a natural cleanser and antibiotic which relieves skin related problems.

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