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5 changes that can make Navi Mumbai a better city

1. Ambulances: Emergency aid at all railway stations

Ambulance service in all stations is a no brainer. Lakhs of railway commuters are highly prone to train accidents, they ca fall ill or can be met with any kind health issue. Hence, a proper ambulance system needs to be established. As of now only nerul and Vashi stations have an ambulance facility. Not even Panvel station, the biggest station of the satellite city has one. Major bummer, isn’t it?

2. Airport: Can we have our airport, please

Right now, all us Navi Mumbaikars have one question: “Yo, new Navi Mumbai international airport, where you at?” The first planes were supposed to have taken off three years ago. But nope, right now the work on the NNIA has gotten another deadline which is in 2019. Looks like the only thing that’s fully functioning is that blue board which has “Sight for Inetrnational airport Navi” sprawled on it.  Yes folks, looks like we gotta wait one more year till planes take off from the soils of Navi Mumbai….. I hope.

3. Healthcare for all: More hospitals that the poor can afford

Medical care is hella expensive, which means people belonging to the backward lass of economy can’t afford it, which means they don’t have necessary access to good health. This city has a population of 14 lakh-plus and there is only one civic hospital. For many people, Specialized care is still out of their league. Though there are more such kinds of hospitals coming up, the delays on them doesn’t help the medical situation of the country. Private hospitals aren’t of much help since the costs are exorbitant. A mobile ambulance was inaugurated two years ago, but it is yet to start because of long-pending administrative issues. Do we really have to wait ten years for things to get better?

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4. Water transport

if only the government gave the green signal to restart the hovercraft services from Vashi and Belapur to Gateway of India, that’d reduce traffic jam, there’ll ne no more toll pay, and no potholes. They ran from 1994 to 1999, but labour trouble and infrastructure constraints forced a shutdown. It’s true that the eastern freeway has cut down travel time to SoBo, but you can’t deny that the sea route is even faster, and um.. more fun. . And boat rides down the coast to Alibaug? Yes, please.

5. Place to park

“Park wherever the hell you want” seems to be the parking motto of drivers and riders of the city.  Hapazard parking of vehicles is rampant in Navi Mumbai. The worst affected towns are Vashi, Kopar Khairane, Nerul, Kalamboli and Panvel. The number of vehicles on the city roads has also gone up manifold to 5,89,406. Basically, more parking spots, less chaos.

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