5 DIY tea blends you can try instead of splurging on fancy herbal teas

Happy International Tea Day!!

By now I really have run out of ways to put it. But I’ll try. Tea is life. Tea is bae (I love tea so much that I used the word bae, a word I loathe). Tea is happiness. Tea is refreshing, calming, a delicious pick me up, a good sutta-accompaniment. Basically, tea is more than just a beverage.

However, as much as I love tea, I hate that every time I feel like trying a different brew of tea and browse the mighty internet for a good blend, the price of it just goes “yeah right” as if my bank balance didn’t already do that. Yes, I’m all for a classic cup of tea, but being the somewhat normal human I am, I do desire to try new things. And being a tea lover, hell yes, I would like to try new tea blends.

This time though, as I was browsing the net, it’s as if the universe finally lent its ears to my tea desires, because I came across this concept that I knew I had to share with all you fellow tea lovers. It’s DIY tea blends. The best thing I browsed the entire day. Making your own tea blends with your choice herbs, flowers, and fruits?? Isn’t that just ‘tearrefic’?

So, save your coins, and try out these 5 DIY tea blends that are just tealicious!

Common tip for all: Once you assemble the ingredients, store them in an airtight container

1. Apricot Ginger Green Tea with Toasted Coconut


30g dried apricot, cut into small pieces

30g dried ginger, cut into small pieces

30g toasted coconut

30g loose green tea

2. Caffeine orange cranberry tea


30g dried cranberry

30g candied orange peels

3. Blueberry Pecan Black Tea


90g dried blueberries

25g toasted pecan piece

15g loose black tea

4. Thyme, basil, and rosemary


30g Thyme herb

30g Rosemary herb

30g Basil leaves

5. Citrus blend


30g dried chopped lemon peels

30g dried chopped orange peels

30g dried chopped grapefruit peels




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