5 Fantastic Street Food junctions in Navi Mumbai

Go as much extravagant as you desire to, on fine dine, but I bet the little joys of pocket-friendly street food will always come out unbeatable. Open unclean in the air, and yet your mouth can’t just resist but open, the moment it bumps into a pani-puri kiosk.

While all the cities across the country relish the shabby pleasures of street food, Navi Mumbai too does it through these amazing food-joints.

  1. Prem Sagar Dosa Plaza

108 types of dosa for about 10, 000 taste buds on your tongue – fair enough? Isn’t it? Located in Kiosk 3D & 3A, Vashi Railway Station, you’ll go bonkers fixing your mood on the dosa from a never-ending menu in this place.

2. Utsav Chowk


To all the Momo queens and king, if you are yet to find out your Momo empire, go, walk down the mouth-watering lanes of Utsav Chowk in Kharghar. Trust me, you’ll go like ‘yummm’ with every landing morsel on your tongue.

3. Ganesh Vada Pav


They say Mumbai-trip is never complete without exposing your taste-buds to Vada Pav. Although every second lane in Mumbai breathes with the flavour of Vada Pav. But Navi Mumbaikars, Sector 17, Koparkhairane needs to be your choice, if not yet.

4. Oak’s Misal Joint


Maharashtra morning usually begins with ‘Misal Pav’ – don’t you agree peeps? This state-renowned breakfast is easily available in every nook and corner. Likewise, Panvel’s Oak’s Misal Joint teems with crowd more than its capacity, because it’s okay waiting here than missing out on its ‘Misal pav’.

5. Shawarma Stall

 The second you pass by a ‘Shawarma’ stall, your brain signals you to freeze and lay your hands on it. Located in Vashi Station, Shawarma Stall serves one-of-a-kind filling in the city, with its juiciness and flavour touching the zenith of your taste.

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