5 Games to Download from the Play store if you want to get your mind running

Games have been a fun part of our lives since we were a fetus. And since we’re living in a digital age, there is absolutely no shortage of mind-blowing games. Games are especially fun when they are challenging and gets you racking your brains. In that way, when you win the game, it feels really good. Also, it exercises and relaxes your brain during your break sessions. Or, if you’re procrastinating, you might as well do it right, right?

Below are 5 mind-engaging games from the play store that you won’t regret downloading.

  1. Yellow

This game has 50 levels of puzzles. All the levels have one thing in common: To turn the screen yellow. It requires some thinking but still is fun game. The other fun thing is that each level designed uniquely and smartly so that with each level, it becomes more challenging for you achieve one simple goal.

  1. Monument valley

This is dreamiest and prettiest of them all. In this game, you guide the main character, a lost princess through a mesmerizing and beautiful world. How, you ask?  You have to guide the little white dot of a princess through a series of impossible architecture and impossible geometry for her to get to the next chapter. These architectures can monuments, hidden paths, but mostly optical illusions. There are in total eight chapters. Oh, before starting the game, feel free to take a moment to adore the graphics and visuals.

  1. Brain it on

Love to doodle? Love physics? Love both? Well, this game is meant for you. In front you there will be puzzles that you will have to solve by drawing shapes. These shapes have to drawn in such a way that can fulfill the goal of that particular level, for e.g tipping a glass, knocking off a tower.

  1. Threes

A cakewalk for mathletes, and a terrifying nightmare in the form of a fun game for those who despise the ‘M’ word. It starts with a simple 1 2 3, but then, before you know it, the puzzle is a ‘numbers divisible by 3’ galore. Oh yeah, another thing, you only got 30 seconds to solve each level.

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