5 Latest News in Navi Mumbai

What’s happening around you, Navi Mumbaikars? Let me wake you up to some of the latest news brewing near you. It’s time you know what’s up in your city.

Raze illegal shrines – HC order: Civic chief

The Bombay High Court has ordered agencies like NMMC, MIDC, and Cidco to raze a total of 501 illegal religious shrines, the deadline of which is just a couple of months away, on November 17, 2017. As per NMMC commissioner and chairman for the illegal religious structures committee, Dr. N Ramaswami, he has instructed organisations to work out plans to carry out the orders in a timely manner.

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Weekend Drama: Air, water pollution cause havoc in Taloja, Kharghar

An ugly case of air and water pollution emerged last Friday at Taloja and Kharghar. As per residents, the morning air was very foggy with a foul smell, which turned into a nightmare by dusk. It was later discovered that the fog was nothing but toxic gases. This unfortunate event has given rise to cases of upper respiratory tract infection with fever, nasal discharge and congestion amongst residents. It was caused due to pipeline burst that released chemicals in the water body, leading to reduction in oxygen.

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Ordering closure of 4 Taloja units for polluting river – Big step by MPCB

With the onset of such life-threatening incidents, the regional officer of Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB), Anil Mohekar, ordered the closure of four fish processing units in Taloja industrial estate. Despite having orders of suspending work for pipeline repairs, these units continued to operate, leading to major pipeline burst and discharge of waste water whose chemical oxygen demand (COD) was 100 times higher than the normal 5-6mg/l of river water.

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Full ban on Plastic bags: PCMC

Navi Mumbai, get ready to let go of polythene bags of all breeds! (pun intended). As per BJP leader Paresh Thakur, despite of ban on polythene bags of certain thickness, these bags are back in use. He requests people to switch to fiber bags and help in protecting the environment. The general body intends to debate on creating awareness on the impact of using these bags.

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Beautification of city in full swing ahead of Soccer extravaganza

As Navi Mumbai gears up for the Under-17 FIFA World Cup beginning October 6th, 2017, beautification of the city has been set as a priority by NMMC. The satellite city is hosting 8 of the football matches, including one semifinal, at D Y Patil stadium located in Nerul. More beauty to this beautiful city!

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