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5 Places in Navi Mumbai to go on your first date

Dates are always special, especially if its the first date.  One doesn’t want to go wrong on this very special day.  What does one generally want on a date?  A quiet secluded place with lots of natural beauty and no disturbance.  A place where the couple can spend some quality time together enjoying each other’s company.

So, if you are in Navi Mumbai, what are the options where you would like to spend your quality time with each other?  Worry not, we suggest you five Places For Dating In Navi Mumbai where you can have your ideal first date.

Central Park:


central park kharghar

Central Park, Kharghar is one of Asia’s largest theme parks located in sectors 23, 24 and 25 of Kharghar. It has fountains, sitting area, water sports, botanical gardens, amphitheaters, and recreation areas.  It is very green and peaceful.

Pandavkada falls:

pandavkada falls, Best place to date in Navi Mumbai

It is located in Kharghar.  According to legends, the Pandavas took a bath in these falls during their exile.  This waterfall is approximately 350 meters high.  It also has Buddhist caves which attract the tourists.  It’s a very scenic and quiet place, away from the noisy city, just apt for a romantic date.

Karnala bird sanctuary:

Karnala bird sanctuary, best places in Navi Mumbai to go for a date

This is located 26 km away from Navi Mumbai.  This is situated at the bottom of Karnala fort and has more than 37 species of migratory birds.  Nature plays cupid and what better for a couple to have a date here!

Kharghar Hills

kharghar hills, Best places in Navi Mumbai to go for a date

It is located at a distance of 5 km from Navi Mumbai.  There is a hilltop there which is extremely beautiful and scenic.  The ISCKON temple is nearby the hills which again is a beautiful place to visit.

Wonder Park

Wonder park

Wonder Park is located in Nerul and as the name suggests it has the replica of the Seven Wonders of the world.  There are many eye-catching sculptures too.  Just sit in the beauty of the park and savor your first date.

Guest Writer: Ritwika Mutsuddi

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