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5 reasons Why New Year’s Eve is the best Holiday of the Year

New Year’s Eve is the perfect way to end the holiday season with party, fancy clothes, champagne and fireworks and the best part about is that you don’t have to buy gifts for anyone. This is the time where you tend to spend your savings of the whole year on your damn self only.

Though during winter, the days are short and cold, celebrations are always in full swing with Christmas and new year. Spending time with your loved ones is something to look forward to and makes your holidays the best time of the year.

Keep reading what makes New Year’s Eve as best holiday

You Get to Dress up

This is the perfect time of the year to party. Thus, making it the perfect the excuse to dress up.  Wear that favourite dress of yours that fresh pair of jeans and shirts. Better yet, add a dress code or theme to your party and it becomes more memorable and joy able.

The Party Zeal

Imagine you get the chance to ring the new year bell at a party with all your closest friends. Won’t that be just amazing? New Year’s Eve is one of the holidays that isn’t associated with any religion or cast.

New Year’s Eve is celebrated Globally

It is one of the biggest global celebration because it is the last day of the year which is never going to come back to you, so you would want to make it memorable, right?

New Year’s Eve is all about Hope, Wish and Expectations

We all take resolutions for New Year. It’s a new beginning for everyone. There is are hopes of possibilities that comes with the new year. It’s a new start, and somehow, the next year always seems like it’s going to be infinitely better than previous year.

So, this New Year, do whatever excites you the most. Go out for a trip or stay in with your loved ones. Get dressed up or giggle up. Kiss someone or don’t, if it’s consensual.

Celebrate this most awesome of holidays however you want, if whatever it is will allow you to welcome 2018 with a smile on your face.

Almost every city has a unique firework to display

New Year’s Eve celebrations all over the world is incomplete without fireworks and most of the well-known cities have over-the-top celebrations with beautiful firework displays.


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