5 Skin Care Products you need to try if you want Improved Skin

  1. BLISS OF EARTH – 100% natural witch hazel astringent

Finally! An affordable alternative to Thayers witch hazel toner. It might just cost a few coins overseas, but oh my! In India, this thing expensive. Saving our pockets from getting seriously burnt, this BOE witch hazel astringent is the perfect dupe. It takes off every last trace of gunk, dirt and makeup.

Price: Rs. 375/-

Where can you get: off the brand’s website, amazon and flipkart

  1. Ryaal Make Me Glow – Skin Brightening Face Mask

If you’re on the hunt for a brand caters to skin care (and also hair care) needs, et voilà! The ‘make me glow’ skin brightening mask is a must try. It’s organic and natural. The ingredients in this mask can seriously kick skin issues’ ass. Plus, the gloooooowwww.

Price: Rs. 499

Where can you get: off the brand’s website, amazon

  1. Deve Herbes – Essential Oils

Essential oils are like the wonder woman of skin care. Every single brand in this wide world uses essential oil cuz they’re frikkin awesome. Deve herbes is a wiiiide selection of essential oils, and being essential oil and skin care junkie, this brand’s website is paradise for me. You name it they have it.

This is the pricing of some of the oils:

Avacado oil: Rs. 225 – Rs. 7,099*

Argan oil: Rs. 374 – Rs. 9125*

Cedarwood oil: Rs. 275 – Rs. 6099*

Note* – The pricing is based on the quantity of the product.

  1. Khadi Natural – Facewash

I recently switched to their neem and tulsi facewash and love it. I will admit, at first I was little iffy about it since it was herbal and worried that it wouldn’t lather well. But I was wrong. A tiny amount (pea size) is all you need. And, as compared to y previous facewash, this did not dry out my skin. A solid A+.

Price: Rs. 150

Where can you get: off the brand’s website, amazon, flipkart

  1. Soulflower – Handmade Soaps

I love handmade soaps. You can actually use them as a good alternative for facewash as they’re supernatural. The Soulflower handmade soaps are amazing. Also, they’re SLS free, vegan and cold pressed. I didn’t know soaps were cold pressed. Anyhooo, these soaps are amazing and the scent… Ohh the scent, it’s simply woow. My personal favourite is the charcoal one and jasmine night soap. The charcoal one can be used on the face because activated is really good for skin issues like acne and blemishes.

Price: Rs.400

Where can you get: off the brand’s website, amazon, flipkart

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