I don’t know what to write

This author’s rendition of 5 steps a writer goes through when they don’t know what to write

It is a real problem. Every day you wake up thinking “today’s the day I will write something amazing (and by ‘amazing’ I mean something remotely decent), but when the moment arrives, there’s suddenly this feeling that creeps in your head, the ‘Tv is on but isn’t working’ feeling. You know, like this:

Yes, agreed, there are some days when you’re writing like a writing ninja, almost feeling Jughead Jones from Riverdale, but then there some days where though you wake up feeling inspired by your will power, determined to bring this change and keep carrying it forward, that every shitty feeling about writing starts sinking in the second you sit to write.

And so, to elaborate it further, here’s this author’s rendition number of steps (gonna keep it 5) a writer/author (or to be precise: I) goe(s) through when they don’t know what to write

  1. Finding an answer, any answer to the question “what to write?”

It seems like going through an eternity of agony of finding and scrounging before you get a topic that makes you go “Well, beggars can’t be choosers”

  1. How to begin the article with a good sentence

So, is this one only this’s author’s problem? Or do you guys also go through the same thing? Do you also have bunch of question swarming in your head like “Which word to begin with?” “Can I squeeze in a word that I added to my vocabulary just a day ago?” ” Will this sound too cliché? Or as kids these days say it: ‘Basic’?” “Should I go through a dictionary just good measure?”

  1. Your stomach and boredom suddenly having a mind of their own

Ah! How can the classic boredom hunger not make an appearance? After browsing through the net or any kind of source of inspiration for like only two minutes in the name of intense and thorough research, the sheer boredom and your stomach suddenly decide to pair up and make you think you need something to eat.

  1. 1 paragraph in, and suddenly doubting the entire thing

Sometimes, you might also be almost done writing your article when suddenly, you doubt entire thing. You start thinking to yourself “Is it too late change the topic?”, but then you realize the amount of time it took you to get this far making you furthermore realize you couldn’t be bothered.

  1. Caught in this endless vortex of rewriting and making changes

Because you don’t want that guilt to wash over you that you didn’t write better, you go through the entire thing and before you know it, you’re caught in this vortex where you’re constantly changing every damn thing that you might as well just entire thing, but you don’t because, read the last line of the 4th point.

  1. The end

After myriad doubts, endless confusion, questioning your life choices, reaching the actual end of the article (or whatever you finished writing) feels like this:

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