5 things you didn’t know about airplanes

  1. There really is no safe seat

According to FAA, no seat you choose is the safest. Though, according to a study of plane crashes, middle seats in the back of the plane has the lowest fatality rate in a crash. The research revealed that during a plane crash the seats in the back third of the aircraft had a 32 percent fatality rate, compared with 39 percent in the middle third and 38 percent in the front third

The FAA says there is no safest seat on the plane, though a TIME study of plane accidents found that the middle seats in the back of the plane had the lowest fatality rate in a crash. Their research revealed that during plane crashes. However, there are so many variables at play that it’s impossible to know where to sit to survive a crash. And plane crashes are incredibly rare. But you never know?

2. Cabin crew dims the light when a plane is landing. Why?

In an unlikely event that an airplane lands unsafely and the passengers need to evacuate, their eyes will already be adjusted to the darkness. The reason for the flight being dim is because it becomes an incredibly difficult and chaotic process when the lights are bright and when suddenly they go off.

At the same time, the flight attendants also have their passengers raise their shades during an emergency landing so that they can see outside and suss out a somewhat effective way to evacuate and be mentally prepared.

3. The tires on a plane never pop while landing because they’re designed that way

Yep, that’s right. Tires on vehicles and airplanes are made entirely different. The tires on planes are designed in such a way to withstand the heavy weight of the aircraft. These specially designed tires can withstand at least 38 tons. Another thing, airplane tires are inflated 200psi which means that it is 6 times the pressure as compared to a regular vehicle tire. If the plane requires a tire change, then the plane will be jacked up just like a regular car.

4. Airplanes can actually take lightning strikes

Just like the tires, the whole aircraft is designed in a manner that it can withstand lightning strikes. According to a study, it’s estimated that an aircraft is struck with lightning at least once a year or once every 1,000 hours of flight time. Though this is all true, no flight has struck down by a lightning since 1963. That’s a long time. The simple reason is careful engineering that lets the electric charge of a lightning bolt run through the plane and out of it, typically without causing damage to the plane.

5.Did you know there are secret bedrooms for the cabin crew in some aircrafts?

 If you didn’t know, cabin crew work up to 16 hours in a stretch. Hence, fatigue is normal among crew members who work on long-haul flights. To help combat extreme tiredness, some aircrafts have secret bedrooms for the crew members. The secret bedroom can be accessed by them via a secret staircase. Some secret bedrooms can have 6-10 beds, a bathroom, and even entertainment.

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