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5 Things Women Should Do on Women’s Day

Accept yourself a little more everyday

Many might wish us ‘ Happy Women’s Day ’, which is very thoughtful and polite. However, only us humans with XY chromosome know what’s it like to really be a woman or a girl. It’s not always being a woman neither it is always sad being one. It’s a million of emotions that we feel to be a woman: joyful, sorrowful, proud, jealous of the other gender, pitying the other gender, sometimes wishing you were a boy, then the next second belching and saying “Ughh, no, pass,” but in the end, you cannot help but be proud of being a woman.

You know you love yourself though you might not admit to it, but… You do. So, this Women’s day, here are 5 things you should do that’ll help you love yourself little better.

  1. Stop scrutinizing the way you look all the damn time

Yes, the idea of having a good body is endearing as hell, but you know what? It’s not possible all the time. No matter how strict of a diet you’re on, no matter how many times you work out, it will forever be impossible to look perfect. So stop beating yourself up for how you look all the time. Cut yourself some slack. Those top models and celebrities might look great, but just know, it’s part of their job, and at times, even they find it hard to look, cuz duh, they’re humans too.

  1. Follow the ‘one step at a time’ routine to achieve your goals

If your goals are something you’ll be proud to achieve, take one step at a time. If it helps, take baby steps, as long as it helps you get closer to your goal steadily. Whether it’s trying out a new dish, trying to do 50 squats, trying cut sugar, take one step at a time. How you take that step is up to you. It’ll be hard, it’ll be grueling, the end result(a good one) might seem far away, but never stop. Yes, it does help to give yourself a pep talk, but let’s be real, it doesn’t work all the time. Since we’re humans, frustration can get the best of us, so, cry, stomp your feet in anger, cuss yourself, but never not take a step at a time.

  • Listen to your body

Very key. When I say listen to your body, I don’t necessarily mean, eat healthy and workout more. what I mean is that know and understand your body. Know how much you’re able to do and know the limits. Just because he/she can do 50 push-ups in a day doesn’t mean you can too. And most importantly, get regular check-ups. It doesn’t cost much. Schedule an appointment with your doctor at regular intervals to keep your health in check. As for eating healthy, don’t right away cut everything that’s deemed unhealthy. Take on a gradual process.

  1. Stop talking ill about other women

It is hard, for curiosity is very normal. Of course, when there’s a hot piece of new, you want to get on it. However, what you may not know is that gossips are toxic. It just spreads negativity and reacting to things said about someone who you don’t know at all is just wrong. Instead of indulging in gossips and taking joy I someone’s faults, try supporting other women, because support is something we women need in heavy doses. Be that dose of support, encourage them when you can because nothing is more amazing than a woman having another woman’s back.

  1. You’re by now good at this, but still. Humbly tell society to mind their own business

Why, o why would listen to some random person telling you to do and what not to do? Listening to them say what’s bad and what’s good? Shut them off. You’ve got your conscience doing that for you. Don’t let society’s casual sexism hold you back. To be honest, it doesn’t seem like that’s going to stop. Instead, just shut them off and go with your instincts. Do what you feel is right. Do not do something just because someone said something. Unless it’s wise advice, then listen to them, otherwise, listen to yourself and make decisions about your life the way you please

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