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5 ways to upcycle denim if you’re obsessed with denim

Denim is a staple of every kind of wardrobe, a timeless piece of clothing. Over the course of many years, denim has made many kinds of unconventional appearances, namely:

The denim boots

This Denim slippers

This denim belt

These denim jeans with some plastic-y material knee work


When different people, with different tastes, have decide to reintroduce denim with such quirks, then why should you hold back?

It’s time to bring out your sewing skills and tools and put your boredom and old denim to better use.

Below are 5 ways to upcycle your old denim if you have a slight obsession with denim.

  1. Denim quilt

Well yes, I am very much aware that it’s summer and it’s a bajjilion degrees outside. But, considering how much time it can take to make a rendition of this denim quilt, why not start now and stow it away, so that when fall and winter comes along, this denim quilt will be cozy and pleasant surprise?

  1. Denim Bag

So, few months ago I gave my mom all my old denim and she upcycled them and turned them into bags. It was brilliant idea and the bags also looked super cool thanks to the tailor’s amazing patchwork skills. So, I think this instance is enough reason for you to also give denim bags a shot.

  1. A DIY Denim toy

If you want to pass your denim obsession onto the next generation, what can be a better than making cuddly buddy made only with denim?

  1. Denim book mark

Perfect for someone who love books and denim. How cool is the idea of having a denim bookmark? I can already think of so many ways of making a denim bookmark.

  1. Denim basket

And the quirks keep coming? Ever heard of or seen a denim basket? Sounds cool though. I think a denim basket can come in handy in many ways. You can either use it to store fruits or your throw pillows and blankets.


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