5 YA book series that are must reads

All books are boon to all avid readers. But, the one thing that book series has that standalone books might not, is that element of continuation and feel of never ending-ness that any bookworm would pleasure in. Don’t you just hate it when you reach the last page of a really good book, and just in flash you already finished reading the last word on the last page? I mean, it takes us days or weeks or however long it takes to finish a book, and in that timing, while we’re reading the book, we have positioned ourselves in thousand different positions, sitting, standing in a moving vehicle, sprawled in a bed, crouched time and again in the couch.

But with the utterance of that last word, it suddenly feels like just yesterday you started the book. That length of time spent in finishing the book flashing before eyes and just like flashing away (get it, flashing away, as in the flash?)

Not to say that standalone books are non-preferable. It indubitably provides that perfect land of escape with its beautiful story and words, but there’s a certain solace we find in book series. The feeling of getting on to the next book once you finish reading the first book of the series is just riveting. Sometimes that feeling hits even before starting the first book and you can’t even deny it.

Harry Potter, The hunger games, the Divergent series, Percy Jackson, The Hobbit, The Lord Of The Rings, are some of the most brilliant book series to be penned. So, if you thoroughly enjoyed any of these book series and looking to embark on a new journey that’s destination is another wonderful escape land, then you must read these 5 book series.

  1. The generation Trilogy by Scott Sigler

2. Serpentine Duology by Cindy Pon

3. Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo

4. The Uglies trilogy by Scott Westerfeld


5. The Lunar Chronicles


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