5 Braid Hairstyles for Short Hair

Cut out the montage of long hair flowing in the wind, this summer.

Summer season began, ever since the first mango hit the market. And with that, summer fashion has officially kicked off. From minimal cotton clothing to short hair and open sandals, summer fashion is the time to flaunt the best looks in the sweltering heat. And for the ladies, it’s time to snip off the long tresses and flaunt funky and breezy cool short hairstyles. I’m sure that’s got some of you nodding. For the rest of you who don’t agree, simply check out the sassy braid hairstyles for short hair that girls can pull off and you’ll stand corrected!

1) Mohawk Braid

A little hard to pull off but that easy to flaunt, this is one of the most popular braid styles you can find on the internet. Popular because of Hollywood celebrities, this one requires some product on your hair, so you get a sleek one and the only other thing you need to bother about is the compliments coming your way.

2) Side Braided Ponytail

The easiest of all braid hairstyles, this is a cross between ponytails and braid styles. It’s perfect to carry off effortlessly and still elegant enough to suit your corporate office look.

3) Waterfall Braid

Let me tell you a little secret, I tried real hard to do this and gave up because my hands started to hurt. Moral of the story? Get someone to do this for you. Because it is worth that effort. Just look at it!

4) Half-Up Half-Down Braid

Popular amongst all working women, this is a go-to braid hairstyle that sits loosely on your head, yet functional enough for you to get around with your daily work.

5) Double French Braids

French braids? But double the style! Hell yes! This one requires the help of two elastic bands and a whole lot of sass. Think you can pull it off?
There’s a popular millennial saying, “Short hair, don’t care”. Guess what? A little care and you can do so much more with your short hair. Add some heat of your own to this summer!

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