6 chai and coffee recipes to try to get a kick of caffeine in a different way

Chai and coffee. What is life without chai and coffee? I’ll tell ya. It’s a drowsy mess. Like, your life is a mess (If it’s not, then you are soo not human) but without the existence of beloved coffee and chai, life becomes a drowsy mess. PERIOD.

Literally one has to have coffee or tea the first thing in the morning(well, after peeing cuz that’s the very first thing). One’s day begins with a cup of caffeine. It’s a pick me up for some, while it’s a heavenly beverage for someone who had to pull an all-nighter. It’s an unwinding beverage for someone. The perfect accompaniment to a good book, people, conversation. Basically, coffee and chai is a crucial part of our lives and you can’t deny it.

So if you’re someone who says to aye to the both (or only to the one, that’s perfectly fine too), then guys these 6 chai and coffee recipes is something you gotta try.

1. Boozy chai float

2. Biskoot chaiscream


3. A good cuppa of gud ki chai(jaggery tea)

4. Filter Kapi

5. Irish coffee

6. Kashmiri chai


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