6 desserts to try this Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season!!!! Christmas trees are being decorated, lights are being put up, people are shopping for Christmas presents and taking full advantage of Christmas discounts and sales, and the endless argument as to whether the tip of the Christmas tree should be adorned with an angel or a star still continues.

But, can you imagine the holiday season without the epic Christmas food? Or most importantly, Christmas desserts? Nay. No. Uh-uh. Food makes for half for half of the Christmas spirit. It’s when people finally settle down, gather around to enjoy a nice, no, a sumptuous meal together. The turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, or whatever recipes you’re serving on your respective Christmas get-togethers… Doesn’t that just make your stomach growl and mouth water? The best part, ohhh the best part about Christmas dinner that is sooo worth the wait, the dessert. No matter how many courses are served in a meal, it is never complete without dessert. Yummy, tasty, delicious, sweet, sweet dessert.

And now that I’ve got you half toward drooling, let me get to the finish line by presenting to you 6 dessert recipes that you should try this Christmas to atop that gettogether game, or just make it for yourself, you know that saying right?

‘Desserts are not meant to be shared’ – Passionate Sweettooth

1. Oreo Cheesecake Brownie Trifle

2.  Brownie butter cake

3. Butter pecan cookies

4.  Pepprmint Mocha truffles


5. Eggless wholewheat and orange almond cake


6.  Upside down kiwi cake

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