6 hairstyles to get you Christmas ready

Hi, I’m going provide you hairstyle ideas for Christmas. As if we’re not endlessly doomed to be trapped in either the ‘bad hair day vortex’ or ‘what to do with my hair vortex’. I mean, it’s like a never-ending shuttling between the two. And the one time we accidentally land on the good hair day heaven, feels like it only lasts like, for only 5 seconds. To give you better understanding, below is a picture of I’m trying to say


You feel me now??

But, we will not be swayed by them evil vortexes, that are hell-bent on depriving us of the ‘slay hair day’ day. Nay, because ‘tis the season, and we have as our arsenal, all the hair tools, hair products and some and a generous amount of Christmas Spirit. To add to that, these 6 hairstyle ideas to make your hair look on point for those Christmas outings.


1.  French twist pony








2. Cute braided headbands
















3.  Glittered roots to make your hairstyle extra festive











4.  A graceful and elegant half up half down hairstyle













5.  A simple yet beautiful updo

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