6 Healthy and Tasty Snack Recipes for your Kids

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It’s like achieving more than the president of the country. It’s like you literally touched the moon. It’s like you went through ages of research when you finally get your kids to eat all the veggies and other healthy foods. I’m not a parent so I can’t speak for myself but I definitely can speak for my parents and they will nod in agreement confirming that I too as a kid was very picky with my food and wouldn’t touch anything that remotely appeared healthy.

This universal problem of parents has led to the emergence of many recipes that consists of the combined health and taste. And, a boy has it worked. So, parents, worry not, for I’m going share with you 6 healthy snack recipes for your kids and why not, even you. Grab your spoons, forks or just use your hands and…. Dig in.

  1. Peanut Butter Banana + Honey Roll-Ups

peanut banana rollups
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get the recipe here

2. Crunchy cauliflower bites

cauliflower bites low calories
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get the recipe here

3. Apple cinnamon chips

apple cinnamon chips
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4. Oatmeal blueberry bread






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5. grilled chicken avocado wrap

healthy chicken avocado wrap
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6. Baked falafel burgers

falafel burger healthy snack
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