6 homemade remedies for skin & hair

Whether you are one of me: a beauty junkie or not, the annoyance in us hits the same level every time we are confronted with pesky pimples, blemishes and untamed hair that just won’t behave. Sometimes, even among a plethora of products for skin and hair care, we’re at a loss as to what to do.

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These are the times when we turn to our beauty counters and find solace in the ingredients that come with their arsenal of goodness and ward off our beauty crisis. Hyaluronic acid, salycylic acid, vitamin e, vitamin c, glycolic acids, ceramides, amino acid, glycerine; it’s like playing sin care version of pokemon.

Though these jars and bottle do come to our skin’s rescue, it’s undeniable that a good organic home remedy to add to your beauty routine can be quite refreshing, rejuvenating and affordable. Sometimes, a little DIY TLC(tender love & care) is all you need to wake up your skin.

So, people, do you want healthy skin and well- behaved hair?

Then give these 6 at home remedies for better skin and hair.

  1. Activate charcoal mask for skin


Recipe here

2. Mayonnaise Hair Mask for dry and damaged hair

Recipe here

3. Coconut and honey mask for dry skin


Recipe here

4. Hair mask for faster growth



Recipe here

5. Detoxifying mask for Armpits


Recipe here

6. Body scrub with eucalyptus and sugar


Recipe here 

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