6 Summer Travel Essential to Pack this vacation

Summers in India is the season of vacation.People go on holidays to the famous tourist places no matter how hot it is. An Indian summer lasts from March to June before the arrival of the monsoons. Depending on where you are going, temperatures in different places can vary from 30 degrees Celsius in hill stations to a high of 50 degrees Celsius in parts of Central India and desert areas such as Rajasthan. Summers in India are unbearably hot and humid, it’s impossible to stay out in the open for even few second. And as it is a season of vacation the trip must go on. Here is a small list of travel essential you need to pack when you set out for your vacation in summer.


Travel light and travel essay carry light weight cotton clothes. Cotton clothes are best to deal with the hot sun and stay comfortable.


Unless you are on a trek or hike, Slip-ons and open sandals are most comfortable to allow your feet to breathe in the heat and humidity.

Facial tissues

High humidity places will leave you perspiring heavily and you will be glad to have that handy face wipe readily available which will keep you fresh and hydrate your skin.

Water bottle

Yes, packaged drinking water is readily available around but carrying your own bottle of water is the best as the sun hits hard.

Mosquito Repellent

High heat and humidity attracts mosquitoes and it is best to prevent yourself from being bitten. It is therefore important to keep repelling mosquitoes using the repellent. These are handy and easy to carry and does not consume much space.

Juice cartons

Keep some small cartons of juices, the hot sun might just drain out all the glucose from your body, leaving you dizzy and weak. The juice will regenerate the glucose.

This list has the must pack essential for your summer trip and will help you fight the summer heat and enjoy the vacation


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