6 Tips To Take Care Of Skin During Holi

Holi is one of the festivals where people go all out in celebration. They get lost in the joy of a storm of colours and of course, what Holi celebration is complete without Thandai? But don’t forget skincare is also important.

Are you someone who’s gonna go all out and celebrate Holi like crazy, then follow these skincare tips before you gear self up for a whirl of colourful celebration, because your skin is important and it’s really key to care for your skin as many Holi colours are made with harmful chemicals that can some serious skin issues.

  1. Grease your body with some cold cream or oil. Also, massage your hair and scalp with oil. The emollient will act as a safe layer and will help wash off the colours better.


  1. Sunscreen is very important. Do not forget to apply sunscreen with a good SPF range because prevent your body from bad cases of tans.


  1. If you’re planning on organizing a holi party where colours will be involved, opt for herbal colours. They’re less harsh and you can enjoy a worry-free holi


  1. Hydrate yourself sufficiently. The colours can really dry out your skin, hence, hydrating yourself enough will give your skin enough protection from the inside.


  1. If you suffer even the mildest of irritation, then apply some soothing ointment immediately. If the irritation doesn’t subside even after that, then consult a dermatologist.


  1. After washing off all the colours, thoroughly moisturize your body. The moisture will help restore your skin’s softness and elasticity.
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