6 Tips for women to travel solo, travel safe

I want to travel solo one day, aspiration of every girl and soon the next question hits her , will I be able to travel safe? And this one question sets as a draw back for withdrawal from the ultimate wish and all the guts you gathered to travel solo. The thing about solo travelling alone is, you can’t open yourself to the unexpected adventure. Yes, the question of safety is a million-dollar worth but, you really can’t miss out on the essence of solo travelling and the treasure of experience it gives you in return. Based on the sticky situation and many WTF! situation that will surprise you in your journey, here are some insightful tips for women to travel solo and safe.

Get a local sim card with data

It is always best to pick a local sim card on your arrival to your destination. It helps you to stay connected and helps you navigate the nearest hospital, embassy, local police station etc. It also acts as an extra means of connectivity apart from you own sim card.


Have easy access to a weapon

Carry a small portable weapon always. May be a taser weapon or a Swiss knife. Keep it in a place from where you can access it easily at the time of any unfortunate situation. Also pepper spray and red chilly powder are the default option, but at the same time every woman should be well versed with some basic moves of kicks and punches. Be fearless, be bold.


Keep a diary of the important contact number handy

Before setting on for a journey, updated yourself with the important contact numbers such as the local police, hospitals, important numbers of your family and friends. Carry a diary so that any technical interruption will not keep you away from contacting anyone.

Dress conservatively

I am all for freedom of wearing what I like! but let’s face it, if you’re wearing a short dress or tight shorts in a foreign land your inviting trouble for yourself. It is always better to stay covered as much as you can rather dress appropriately. Rather then seeking attention, soak yourself in the splendour of nature.

Stay sober

Whatever your drug of choice, it’s best to stay sober as you travel. This is not just important for being alert but also for your judgement. Judgement is compromised by alcohol and drugs.

 Understand the city transit system

Riding public transit is a great way to get to know a city and its culture. But, before you go, know how safe it is, how much the fares are and how they are paid, whether a pass is a good idea and possibly the basic routes you’ll be taking.

 This is a short list of tips for  your safety on your solo travel, which will make you pack your bags and get set go, enjoy the solo trip you planed for yourself.



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