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6 ways to beat the heat this October

Remember these points before you step out

October is here, and so is the hot and humid climate. Feels like summer is back right after the rains. Let’s follow these six simple ways to protect ourselves from the harsh, sultry weather which will catch up pretty soon:

H2O to the rescue
Do not step outside without a bottle of water. The humidity in the air will only make you lose fluids. So keep hydrating yourself with enough water.

Light as cotton
Get your cottons out. Traveling in public transport can make you feel sticky and irritable. Wear light colours and avoid tight clothes. Open footwear is also a good idea. Put away your rainy footwear, as the rubber can make your feet sweaty and smelly.

Hide from the afternoon Sun
The sun is pretty harsh at noon. It is better to avoid this time for your travel. Carry enough wet tissues to help your skin feel fresh while travelling.

A boon called AC Cabs
If you need to be fresh for that presentation which has been lined up for the day, or you are an expectant mother, or are not too well, it is better to take the cab rather than travel by public transport and feel worse. Cabs, these days, will pick you from your home ad drop you wherever you want without creating a fuss. That’s a blessing, of course.

Be Sweet-smelling, not sweat-smelling
It is a great idea to carry pocket-sized deodorants and perfumes to help you smell good. After all, nobody wants to sit next to a sweat-smelling person.

Dodge the black smoke
The pollution in the air is sure to rise. It is better to cover your head with a cloth/scarf to avoid giving your hair, skin, and lungs, a tough time.

Go ahead…face the heat!

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