6 Recipes To Try This Winter If You Want Something More Than Just Maggi

Brace yourself for this winter with some delicious warm food

India right now is facing cyclone crisis. News channels are keeping us informed about the sitch with constant updates. Schools have announced holidays, maybe in a few days offices will announce holidays too? It’s raining in Mumbai.

And here we are, bracing ourselves for this climatic harsh encounter. Looks like, with these current December rains, winter has company. Though, let’s face it, Mumbai winter ain’t really winter. If you’re someone living up North or are in the North East, then lucky you.  But there’s nothing stopping us Mumbaikars from feeling the winter spirit aka the festival spirit. I mean hey, we at least have the monsoon showers (an untimely one but still). So what can possibly be a more better time to enjoy some warm, succulent and yummy recipes? Below are 6 dishes you can try if you’re looking for something else other than Maggi(which is bomb af btw). So, get cozy, settle in with your blanket or shawl whilst you enjoy a good serving of either of these mouth-watering recipes.

 A slurrrrrpy warm bowl of veggie Ramen

Easy creamy mac n cheese in a mug

A hearty chicken stew

Thick Italian hot chocolate

Cheesy garlic bread sliders

Warm and gooey chocolate lava cake





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