7 Best movies on Army and Soldiers

Patriotic movies are loved by everyone.  These movies create an altogether different environment when we watch them.  Whenever we watch them, our heart swells with pride and the respect for the soldiers increases manifolds.  There are many Bollywood Movies on Army and Soldiers and wars. Here are few films, which according to me, are the best films made on army and soldiers.


Haqeeqat, army movies

This 1964 movies the first movie based on Indian Army and showed the bravery of soldiers very well.  The movie was based on Indo-China war and it was loved by everyone where the soldiers were shown bravely fighting against the Chinese troops.


border, army movies

This movie was made in 1997 about the 1971 India-Pakistan war.  The freshness of this film never fades.  This is one of the most loved movies of all times.


Lakshya, army movies

This Hrithik Roshan starrer movie was made in 2004 which depicts the story of a lazy good-for-nothing spoilt rich boy eventually becoming a soldier of the Indian army.  The authentic locations and depiction of the war scenes were hugely appreciated.

LOC Kargil

LOC Kargil, army movies

This movie was based on the battle of Kargil fought between India and Pakistan.  Though a good movie with an impressive star cast, this movie failed to recreate the magic of Border.


Vijeta, army movies

This slightly offbeat 1982 film wasn’t the typical commercial movie about soldiers and Army.  The movie was about a confused teenager who eventually becomes a brave Air Force pilot.


Prahar, army movies

This 1991 Nana Patekar featuring movie portrayed the soldiers and army life in the most realistic and authentic manner.  It’s about the life of a solder Peter D’Souza who lays down his life for the country.

Holiday-A soldier is never off duty

Holiday, army movies

Akshay Kumar has done many patriotic movies off late.  In this 2014 movie, he plays a soldier of the Indian Army who destroys the sleeper cells which try to infiltrate the Indian Army.

Guest writer: Ritwika Mutsuddi

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