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7 Morning Habits to Change Your Life

Just opposite to what we might think, first ten minutes after we wake up are the most influential time, so we need to kick-start our day with the right mind and ritual to make sure that our mind and body are in the happy zone.


Morning habits

Get up and stretch your body! It has many benefits like improved flexibility, good blood circulation and stress relief. So, stretch yourself, feel relaxed and you are good to go.


Morning habits

So, before you go to bed, set an alarm in your mind and on your clock or phone and be ready to wake up at that time. Train your mind to know that snooze button isn’t even an option. This will help you form a good habit and give enough time for everything you thought you would do in the morning.


Morning habits

Our body gets parched after 7/8 hours of sleep and it needs to be replenished. So wake up and have 1 or 2 glasses of water to quench its thirst. You can add a dash of lime to it or apple cider vinegar, to boost your metabolism.


Morning habits

Mostly, all of us compromise on the most important meal of the day – BREAKFAST. We forget that our body needs nutrients after having not eaten for straight 7/8 hours. Eating breakfast not only keeps you nourished but also increases your metabolism and helps you burn more calories throughout the day. So think before you want to skip your breakfast.


Morning habits

We all love music. It’s a good way to start your day with some upbeat music, a peppy number or some calming music or may be even some shlokas to rejuvenate your mind and charge you up for the day.


Morning habits

This one is easier said than done, but try to avoid the phone immediately after you wake up. Facebook and Whatsapp notifications can hold till your day starts going. Emergencies of course can be attended to, though. Try to be phone free for as long as you can.


Morning habits

Well, music can be an option for some, but some food for thought is also a very good idea to begin your day with. If you can squeeze in time for reading a page or two of some nice motivating book or anything that helps you keep your day positive, go ahead and read.

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