7 Taloja food processing units busted for causing pollution

It isn’t the first time that Taloja is being held responsible for polluting its surrounding environment. Anyone remembers them blue dogs? Well, those dogs might not be blue anymore, but these 7 food processing units are sure blue with sadness because they’re pink with embarrassment due to the fact that MPCB, who is red with anger busted them for not keeping the environment in the green of health.

(my sincere apologies to them who are color blind)


Guess that kick in the behind of that detergent factory by MPCB didn’t really act well as a wakeup call to kickstart the senses of these 7 food processing units. Days following the blue dog debacle, these processing units just casually went about their routine, doing whatever it is they do(ahem.arhhepollutingarrhhem), and just ignoring the environment.


Unfortunately for mother nature, Taloja’s manufacturing units were once again at it, underway in causing pollution by failing to properly discharge waste (Hmmm, kinda makes sense how they still have in possession their filthy ignorance).

Get it? Funny right?

But unfortunately for these 7 units, MPCB went about their casual routine doing whatever it is that they do by zeroing in on them and busting them for causing pollution.

“We will check if the units have been closed down,” said MPCB regional officer Anil Mohekar.

The shameful seven got served a notice on November 17 with a window of 72 hours that ended on Tuesday.

The notices have been served under section 33(A) of water (prevention and control of pollution) act, 1974, and section 31 (A) of air (prevention and control of pollution) Act, 1981.

To add to it, the environment minister Ramdas Kadam earlier this month made a surprise visit which means that immediate action has been taken against CETP and a probe is on.



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